Instructions for using Airborne Photography - Target Control List - v1.1

  1. Enter Mission and Sortie numbers. Change Date if sortie will not be flown today.

  2. Select the number of Target locations to be photographed on this sortie [1 to 10].

  3. On the new page that appears, select or enter the following:
  4. - Whether the Camera will face LEFT or RIGHT.

    - Name/Description for each target.

    - Target location LAT/LON [latitude & longtitude] in degrees decimal format: DD.DDDDD

    - Up to four camera directions:

    - Either click the cardinal points checkbox [CP] or manually enter camera directions.

    - Click CP to automatically use the four cardinal point camera headings [N/S/E/W]. Camera directions [IMG] and aircraft headings [A/C] will appear in sequence based upon your selection for LEFT or RIGHT camera, to achieve a counter-clockwise or clockwise orbit around the target.

    - If you manually enter camera directions, enter them in the order that provides the correct orbit around the target, based upon whether your camera faces LEFT or RIGHT.

  5. Click the Create List button. A printable Target Control List will appear, with:

    - Your list of target names/descriptions.
    - LAT/LON in minutes decimal format [DD MM.MM] ready to be entered into the aircraft GPS.
    - Aircraft [A/C] heading required to achieve desired image headings [IMG].

  6. Print the Target Control List in LANDSCAPE format, with background colors turned ON.

  7. Enter LAT/LON numbers into the aircraft GPS. In U.S., numbers will be N [of equator] and W [of prime meridian].

  8. Fly headings displayed in A/C column; camera will face the desired IMG heading.