Safety Day 2016 - WMIRS2 presentation

Safety Hazard Reporting
Begin the mishap reporting process by sending an e-mail to:

Accident Prevention Program
Catskill Mountain Group's accident prevention program will consist of the following key elements:

  1. At all activities of the group, as well as subordinate units, safety briefings relevant to the activity will be presented to participants.

  2. Activity leaders will monitor the conduct of activities and personnel to ensure that safety practices are followed and that hazards are immediately identified and resolved.

  3. All units will conduct safety awareness and educational activities periodically, but not less frequently than required by applicable CAP directives, to instill a culture of safety.

  4. Any member may raise concerns regarding safety at any time, irrespective of grade, position or membership status.

  5. Unit commanders are responsible for implementing accident prevention programs within their units.

Any questions regarding the group's safety program may be addressed to the group commander or group safety officer.

Major William Martin
Commander, Catskill Mountain Group