Catskill Mountain Group staff

Staff officers manage group operations and functions, and provide assistance to squadrons within the group. These officers are experienced CAP members who provide technical assistance and guidance to their squadron counterparts.

Commander Lt Col William Martin

Deputy Commander Maj William Carroll
- Assistant Deputy Commander Lt Col Joan Lee

Emergency Services Officer 1st Lt Michael Mazanec
- Assistant Emergency Services Officer Maj William Carroll

Operations Officer Capt David Krieger
- Standardization/Evaluation Officer Maj Steven Zerilli
- Counterdrug Officer1st Lt Daryl Haberneck
- Flight Release Officers Lt Col William Martin
Maj William Carroll

Aerospace Education Officer Maj Alex Ramadanis

Administrative Officer Vacant

Cadet Programs Officer Capt Chris Granda
- Assistant Cadet Programs Officer Capt John Blauvelt

Chaplain Capt John Capen

Communications Officer Capt Gil Piaquadio Jr
- Assistant Communications Officer Maj William Carroll

Finance Officer Lt Col Joan Lee

Health Services Officer Maj Lawrence Wenz

Historian2d Lt Jeremy Ripa

Legal Officer Vacant
- Assistant Legal Officer Capt Mark Schuh

Logistics Officer Vacant
- Maintenance Officer / Aircraft Capt David Krieger
Safety Officer 1st Lt William Mason
Assistant Safety Officer Maj Steven Zerilli
- Supply Officer Capt John Blauvelt
- Transportation Officer 2d Lt Michael Mazanec

Personnel Officer Maj William Carroll

Professional Development Officer Vacant

Public Affairs Officer Vacant

Recruiting & Retention Officer Capt Gil Piaquadio Jr